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About Us

 Tootell Technical Services (TTS) is a UK-based business established and run by Dave Tootell MSc CQP MCQI. TTS specializes in supporting micro, small and medium-sized businesses and organisations, through freelance quality consultancy, management system quality audits, and improvement solutions. Other offers include business reviews, gap analysis, supplier assessment, and process development. In addition, Dave also undertakes conformity assessments for two UKAS approved certification body for assessing management systems to ISO9001/14001/45001. 

Striving to be regarded as a leading quality management consultancy, our mission is to consistently deliver the highest standards of service while ensuring our services meet specific client requirements every time. To achieve these goals, TTS has aligned its business management system with the CQI Profession Map (formerly the Competency Framework) focusing on three key factors: strong governance to translate our aims into action, robust systems of assurance to ensure everything stays on track, and a culture of improvement so we keep getting better.

Tootell Technical Services is also a proud member of the Federation of Small Businesses.

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